The Dance department at Harrison is dedicated to providing students a thorough and broad based pre-professional training program to develop the competence and maturity required in order to pursue the art of dance in a professional or collegiate environment, or to become an avid and informed future arts advocate. The program fosters individual student growth in a family environment and promotes artistic and academic excellence.

Students receive training in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. The program, demanding physically and mentally, challenges students through daily classes, guest artists, and performances. The department offers two mainstage concerts, dance performances and a senior dance concert.

The Dance Department of the Harrison School for the Arts contains a curriculum designed to meet the various needs of students interested in dance. Courses within the dance program include ballet, modern and jazz technique; ballet, modern and jazz repertoire; choreography; functional anatomy; pedagogy; history; improvisation; production and independent study.

Dance Department Handbook

Dance Audition Requirements



Email: [email protected]

Phone: (863) 499-2855

Susan Olson, Dance (Ballet)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (863) 499-2855

Dance Department Progression

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9th Grade
Ballet I
Dance Repertory

10th Grade
Ballet II
Dance Repertory II

11th Grade
Ballet III
Dance Repertory III*
Dance Techniques III*

12th Grade
Ballet IV*
Dance Repertory IV*
Dance Techniques IV*

* denotes course with honors weighting