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The faculty believes that to achieve success in a musical theatre career, one must first achieve excellence in all three disciplines of acting, voice and dance. The curriculum is made up of classes in: acting, dance techniques, choreography, history, vocal technique, comprehensive/production, technical support and private voice lessons. At the end of each term, to demonstrate artistic growth, students must pass a performance jury.

The Musical Theatre Department at Harrison School for the Arts provides a concentrated study on the disciplines of acting, singing, and dance within the frame of musical dramatic performance.

The Musical Theatre Department's goal is to provide a rigorous education in the disciplines of dance, music, and drama. Students in the department will study various dance techniques, vocal styles, acting styles, theatre history, audition skills, stagecraft, backstage production techniques, specialty skills from guest artists, critique skills, choreography, music theory, rehearsal techniques, and performance techniques. These artistic mediums also include life skills, time management, and social skills.

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Musical theatre

Suzi Lambert, Voice

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (863) 499-2855

Laurel Renfroe, Dance

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (863) 499-2855

TBA, Acting

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9th Grade
Acting I
Vocal Tech I (1/2 cr.)
Dance Tech I (1/2 cr.)

10th Grade
Acting II
Vocal Tech II (1/2 cr.)
Dance Tech II (1/2 cr.)

11th Grade
Acting III
Vocal Ens. IV*
Dance Tech III

12th Grade
Acting IV*
Vocal Tech III
Dance Choreography & Rep.*

* denotes course with honors weighting